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Parent Information


Koonibbba Aboriginal School prides itself on individualising learning programs for our students through the writing of One Plans which value the voice of students, parents/caregivers and staff. Programmes are delivered to support the growth of students in all subject areas, particularly in reading, aligned with our Site Improvement Plan.

Our Cultural Room is a place where families and community members are welcome to share in our history and traditions.

Each term events are organised to celebrate student success. Regular attendance, academic achievement and living our school values are recognised at weekly and end of term assemblies.

School Times

8:30 am: First Bell – supervised outside play time

8:50 am: Group Time

9:10 am: Lesson 1

10:00 am: Lesson 2

10:50 am: Recess

11:10 am: Fruit Time – provided by Save the Children & KAS / Lesson 3

12:00 pm: Lesson 4

12:50 pm: Lunch – provided by Remote School Attendance Strategy

1:20 pm: Lesson 5

2:10 pm: Lesson 6

3:00 pm: Lesson Dismissal

Assembly is held at 11:10am every Wednesday

School Uniforms

At Koonibba Aboriginal School we strongly encourage students to show school pride by wearing school uniform. School colours are red, white and black. Monogrammed t-shirts and polar fleece jumpers are available from the school office. Each year students will be given one t-shirt and one polar fleece jumper; additional uniforms can be purchased.

Students are provided with school hats in Terms 1 and 4 and are expected to wear hats outside during play times and outdoor activities. Students not wearing school hats will not be permitted to participate in outdoor play or activities and must remain under designated shade.

  • T-Shirts: $10.00
  • Jumpers: $15.00


At Koonibba Aboriginal School we adhere to the Department for Education policies and procedures. We approach behaviour through a positive lens. Restorative Practices and Zones of Regulation are at the forefront of our teaching. Restorative Practices aims to empower students sense of social justice by building, maintaining and when necessary respectfully restoring relationships. Zones of Regulation supports Restorative Practices by providing a framework used to develop students’ social emotional learning through fostering self-regulation and emotional control.

Money and Valuables

It is recommended that students do not bring money or valuables (toys, games, balls, skateboards) to school. These items are best left to be enjoyed after school and on weekends. Koonibbba Aboriginal School will not accept responsibility if such items are bought to school and lost or damaged.

For safety, students are not permitted to bring mobile phones or other electronic devices (iPod, iPad) at school. If you wish to make contact with your child please do so by contacting the school on 8625 0006.

Governing Council

Assemblies (R-7) are held every Thursday from 2:40 pm to 3:00 pm. This is an opportunity for students to show case their learning, and to celebrate student achievement. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to attend.

The Governing Council is an important body that provides advice on the overall management of the school. All parents and guardians are eligible to be members of the Governing Council. In Term 1 each year an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held, and all parents/guardians are encouraged to attend. At this meeting, parents/guardians are elected onto the council. Being a member of the Governing Council provides the opportunity to have a say in school decision making. The Governing Council meets once a term, in the Cultural Room at school. It consists of elected parents/guardians, 1 staff representative and the Principal.

Governing Council’s role includes working with the Principal to:

  • Manage school finances
  • Oversee school facilities
  • Represent the needs of the whole community
  • Inform others about educational issues

Parents and guardians are encouraged to be involved in their child’s education. This can happen through representation on the Governing Council, helping out in classrooms, and attending significant events (Open Day/Sports Day). Your involvement strengthens our school and community and enhances student learning outcomes. Please talk your child/ren’s teacher or leadership about the ways you can become involved.

For more parent information view or download the file below.